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Moving Terms to Know Before Hiring Your Dallas Movers

Moving Terms to Know Before Hiring Your Dallas Movers

Getting ready for your move to Dallas? Let your Dallas moving company give you a quick lesson with some of the moving terms you will encounter during your move to Dallas. Our mission is to keep our valued customers informed and included every step of your move.

Terms of Service

The “Terms of Service” is the document which outlines all the items discussed with your Dallas moving representative. This includes the agreed upon service, expected time frame, and insurance coverage. Once the terms are agreed upon, we will also provide you with an order-for-service, which is your authorization for our professional movers in Dallas to handle your belongings and transport them.

Bill of Lading (B/L or BoL)

The Bill of Lading is the document given to the driver and outlines the belongings that the driver is transporting. The Bill of Lading is a shipping receipt with all necessary billing information, delivery information, and any other important notes for your move. These Bills must be transferable, and must also include the Terms of Service and serve as a document of title to the contents of the move. In other words, it confirms that the items are indeed your belongings and that they have been loaded onto the truck for your move.


If your items require more than the agreed upon amount of resources stated in your contract, they are labeled as Overflow. Also known as leaveover, these belongings will not be included on the first truck and will require more resources. Your Dallas moving company will work with you and other reputable companies such as UPS, or the United Postal Service, to expedite the overflow to its appropriate location.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance is required by federal law for all moving companies that conduct operations over their own state lines under the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Any Dallas movers who transports your items from state to state must have the minimum insurance coverage, Limited Liability Insurance. Limited Liability Insurance covers your goods up to 60 cents per pound of the total bulk weight of your move.  With All My Sons Moving & Storage of Dallas, this coverage is reflected in your moving quote. You may also purchase additional, higher-level insurances as well, if you feel the need to do so. Now, your Dallas movers are fully insured, so we can offer you any coverage you’d like.