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What Moving Supplies You Need and Where to Find Them

What Moving Supplies You Need and Where to Find Them

Want to make your move to Dallas as seamless as possible? Start with the proper supplies that fit your move’s need. The search for the perfect box and other packing supplies can have you going to many stores without success. You have no need to worry, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Dallas is here to help you with the proper packing supplies in Dallas. That’s what we’re here for. Can you see why we’re the best movers in Dallas?


All My Sons Moving & Storage has every box to accommodate your move to Dallas. We routinely carry boxes specific to various house hold items, including your prized flat screen television. If you’re in the market to utilize our storage options, or feel that you need more than cardboard boxes, contact us for customized packing supplies in the United States.


It’s best to use tape designed for packing to maintain the integrity of the contents inside the boxes. Duct tape reacts adversely to the environment it encounters. If you’re moving to a climate that is prone to high temperatures, the adhesive can become less effective, melt and become quite the mess. Another issue with duct tape and the climate is at times the adhesive dries up and the tape cracks leaving you with boxes open and your belongings unsecured.  

Packing Material

Anything you can use to wrap, fill up empty space, and use to protect your belongings for the move is considered packing material. You can use old newspaper, magazines, papers, and even old T-shirts. We recommend using up rolls and sheets of packing paper and bubble wrap—this way, your belongings will be properly protected!

Hand-Held Utensils

These include scissors, boxcutters, markers, and pens. Use scissors to cut your packing materials or tape to the right size for you to efficiently pack your belongings. Boxcutters are used more for the end of the moving process, when it’s time to unbox your possessions and place them in their appropriate place. Your markers and pens are used to label all your boxes and to write down your inventory to make unpacking organized and convenient for those tasked in helping you in your move to Dallas.


Perhaps you could use a hand! Maybe you didn’t realize that your Dallas Movers could customize your packing supplies to meet your specific need. Whether you need assistance during your move to Dallas or you’re looking for a place to store your personal possessions, give All My Sons Moving & Storage of Dallas a call today for your free, custom, no-obligation quote.