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Moving Insurance: Everything You Should Know

There is no worse feeling than unpacking all your most precious items in your new home and finding unrepairable damages. A professional moving company can ensure that you will have an efficient moving experience and they will handle the entire move. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and your items can break during the moving journey. Many people will be comforted to hear that you can get moving insurance to safeguard your personal belongings during a move of any size. Even though some damages cannot be fixed, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will be reimbursed for certain items. The Dallas movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage share with you everything you need to know about moving insurance and if it’s worth it for your next move. Become informed before making this decision.

Full Replacement Value - Valued Inventory

This option allows insurance coverage for specific items. For proper coverage, you must list and declare a replacement value on all of the items that you wish to insure. Items may be grouped together, such as clothing and bedroom sets. It’s important to realize that in the event that a claim is filed for any of those sets, the settlement amount may reflect the average value of the declared items in that set.

Basic Liability Movers Insurance

Basic Liability is the minimum coverage under which your goods can be released and is provided by your mover at no additional cost. The maximum liability for your shipment is established by multiplying the weight by $0.60 per pound per article or $0.30 per pound per article  – whichever is required by DOT regulations in your State.

Full Replacement Value - Lump Sum

The total coverage amount is determined when you, the assured, place a lump sum value on all of your goods to be insured during your move. You simply declare a lump sum amount reflecting the total coverage you desire for your shipment.

Expanded Mover Coverage

You may decide to upgrade your movers insurance depending on your items and your damage tolerance. Declared value allows you to set a per-pound amount for your items. You will receive a valuation amount if your entire shipment was destroyed or lost.

It’s important to understand that most movers are not responsible for any items in boxes that they did not pack. You are also not covered for natural disaster incidents such as a hurricane or a fire. Becoming aware of what exactly movers insurance covers will help you decide if it’s worth it for your next move. The Dallas movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage understand how valuable your items are to you and we are committed to safely transporting them without any damages. We can handle a move of any size and for more information on the movers insurance we offer, contact our team of expert movers today. We are ready to handle your every packing and moving need so you don’t have to worry about a thing!