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DIY Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas Cards

Giving out Christmas cards has been a long-standing holiday tradition for many, and is a great way to showcase how much you love and appreciate those around you. There is no better way to spread Christmas cheer this year than by sharing the gift of a DIY Christmas card for your friends and family. We asked our All My Sons Moving & Storage North Texas movers to share their best DIY Christmas card ideas. So bring on the glitter and glue sticks, it is time to get crafty!

How to Make DIY Christmas Cards

It is so simple to make DIY Christmas cards, especially with these fun and festive ideas:

- Washi Tape Tree Cards

Washi Tape is a creative way to decorate your DIY Christmas card if you aren’t Picasso when it comes to drawing. It is as simple as ripping lengths of Washi Tape to look like a tree and placing the different strands on the front of a plain card from shortest to longest.

- Paint Sample Card

Our Plano movers make their Christmas cards out of paint chip sheets that can be found in the paint section at your local home improvement store. This homemade Christmas card is simple, vibrant, and fun. Layer the paint sample sheets and be sure to cut them out to look like tall triangles to emulate Christmas trees.

- Button Snowman

Send a card filled with holiday wishes to your family and friends with a DIY button snowman card. Glue three different sized buttons to a plain card and decorate the surrounding area with the smallest button at the top. If you want to do something different, get creative and make an ornament or a Christmas wreath out of buttons.

DIY Christmas Cards for Kids

Get your little ones in on the fun this holiday season with some DIY Christmas card ideas for kids. There are so many easy and simple craft ideas so the kids can spread the holiday cheer and join in on the tradition.

- Thumbprint Reindeer Cards

A fun DIY Christmas card idea to do with kids are some thumbprint reindeer cards. Using brown safe finger paint and their fingerprint, place three “reindeer heads” onto a plain card. Using tiny red pom-pom balls glue them as the nose and use white paint for the eyeballs. Using a black inked pen or marker, draw the antlers and surrounding decorations of your choosing. Although the kids may need some assistance when it comes to the illustration of their antlers and collars, these cards are a charming way to wish friends and family a happy holiday.

- Pipe Cleaner Tree Card

Our Rockwall movers and packers love recreating this DIY Christmas card with their kids. Using green pipe cleaners, make the shape of a Christmas tree and glue them onto a plain card, placing a little gold star sticker for detail. This handmade card idea is timeless, and recipients will love the personal touches.

Pasta Bowtie Wreaths

Bring out the unforgettable pasta art to recreate this DIY Christmas card. Using bowtie pasta, have your children paint the noodles green and add some glitter for extra fun. Once your bowties have fully dried, help your kids place them into the shape of a wreath on a plain card and use ribbon to complete the bow on the wreath.

Be sure to show those you care most about how much they mean to you this holiday season with some of our local movers and packers favorite DIY Christmas card ideas. They are a great opportunity to save some money, get crafty, and involve the kids in spreading some holiday cheer.

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