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A Guide to Tipping Your Packing Company

All My Sons Moving & Storage is a full-service packing and moving company, with one of many locations in St. Louis, Missouri. We are staffed with a team of licensed and insured movers with years of experience successfully relocating people and businesses around the country. We know how difficult and time consuming a move can be, and we’re certainly aware of all the factors at play during a move, which is why it’s our goal to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

We offer various packing and moving services for all situations:

Auto moving in St. Louis

Local moving in St. Louis

Long Distance moving in St. Louis

Commercial moving in St. Louis

Corporate moving in St. Louis

Based off your needs, we can provide you with partial, or full packing services, as well as all the necessary packing and moving supplies needed to get the job done right. Trust us, when it comes to your move, there’s a thousand ways we can help.

As our services exceed your moving expectations, we find that many people are pleased and want to show their gratitude. When it comes time to tip your packing company, however, there is often some confusion. Unlike restaurants where tipping is the norm, many people aren’t sure whether it’s appropriate to tip a packing company, and exactly how much they should tip. There are many factors to consider when setting an amount. Here’s an easy breakdown of how and when to tip your packing and moving company. 

Before you determine an amount, think about the factors involved in the job itself. Ask yourself these questions:

How big is the move? Do you need your St. Louis packing company to pack up 1 room, or 10 rooms? Are you moving 10 boxes or 100 boxes? Is this a move down the street, or are you packing up your family and moving to the other side of the country?

Are there difficulties involved? Does this move require the packing and moving company to use stairs or an elevator? Are there multiple levels to your home or office that could make the job more difficult or strenuous?

How many large pieces of furniture do I have to consider?  Moving large, oddly shaped items is never a fun task, but we can handle that part for you. Our team has experience moving antiques, refrigerators, basketball hoops, lawnmowers – and any other weirdly shaped item you might have lying around the garage.  However, these items are more difficult to pack and move, so keep that in mind when calculating your total.  

Is gratuity added to my quote or the total? All My Sons Moving & Storage does not add gratuity to your total.

Once you consider the initial questions around your packing and moving needs, it’s time to pay attention to your packers. What is their demeanor like? Are they friendly and helpful? Are they showing dedication and care for your belongings? Are you being treated with exceptional service? If you answered yes to these questions – a tip is appropriate!

You can tip your packing company the same way you would a server at a restaurant. Calculate gratuity based on the total amount of time they have spent taking care of your things, in addition to the quality of the service they’ve provided you with.

The following list is a suggested tip baseline for a packing team:

4 hours - $10 for each packer

8 hours - $20 for each packer

12 hours- $40 for each packer

Packing process longer than 12 hours - $40-100 for each packer

Excess number of heavy items and furniture – add $10-20 more for each person in the packing crew.

Remember, this is a general guideline on how to tip your packing company, meaning you do not need to feel obligated to provide your movers with an extra gratuity if you do not feel your service was exceptional. If, however, you do feel that your St. Louis packing company has provided you with quality service and made your move easier, why not show your appreciation?

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