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Where To Place Your Television

With all the moves that All My Sons of Maryland moves have done, we’ve seen some unusual and some traditional ways of decorating and placing furniture. Everyone has different tastes, different personalities and style. But since were local Maryland movers, we’ve been helping people with assembling and disassembling their personal belongings and help out sometimes by placing items in certain rooms around the house.
The television is one of those precious possessions people have, their ultimate entertainment in the house. And these days with all the different models of televisions out there from LCD to 3D, flat-screen and others, people are even more attached to their investment. It’s the old regular 27-inch tube of the past.

The local Maryland moving specialists have noticed that people place their televisions in different rooms around the home. There’s of course, the living room area with the typical giant entertainment center which holds a variety of electronics from the television to DVD players to virtual games, stereo system even computers at time. Sometimes the TV is also mounted on the wall, to save space and feature a more modern look.

If there’s a fireplace in the home, sometimes people like to place smaller TV sets on each side of it for a unique and balanced look. Some folks like to have their television in the bedroom. A lot of people fall asleep with the TV on and so they might even have one in the living room or den area and the bedroom.
Sometimes the local Maryland movers have seen the TV used as a piece of art or a sculpture. So it can be placed on a mantel or a stand. If it’s on a mantel, you can even decorate around it with home accessories to make the area more alive. You can also help accentuate the area by painting the wall where your TV is up against in a very bright color. This will call attention to it. Just make sure whatever holding your TV, that it can support the weight of the television set.

Some people like their TVs in the kitchen. These are typically smaller flat-screen TVs that are not there for great entertainment value but more for distraction while cooking or doing paper work. There are also movable stands that you can roll from one place to another, making the TV in a way portable. All My Sons of Maryland, the licensed and insured moving company in Maryland, has seen it all. We realize people don’t have to be traditional when it comes to decorating their home. In fact, different and unusual creates charm and an individual look around the home.