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Wheelchair Accessible Houses

The Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor and her husband Frederic Prinz von Anhalt are selling their Bel Air mansion for $28 million. The legendary home was built by Howard Hughes and was Elvis Presley's Los Angeles home during his movie career. Zsa Zsa purchased the 8,000-square-foot house in 1970 from the Presley estate for $600,000 according to AOL Real Estate. Mrs. Gabor, 94 years old, who is famous for being famous had her leg amputated because of an infection. According to TMZ.com, she wants to move into a condo which will be more wheelchair friendly.

As we grow older, getting around our homes becomes more difficult. Home builders have never really considered the needs of the disabled or elderly, and that can make life really hard for them. There are many houses for sale that offer handicap accessibility. So, should you move like Zsa Zsa, or remodel? Most people would choose to live or retire in their own homes rather than a nursing home. Your home can be remodeled and modified to accommodate your needs. A house can become more wheelchair accessible with a few minor modifications.

So what makes a home more wheelchair accessible? It's the ability to enter, exit and move around a house without any of the typical obstacles such as steps and narrow doors.To accommodate a wheelchair, (a wheelchair is 24-27" wide), doorways should be 32" wide. It's not too expensive to make doors wider, and this will make a world of difference. Rearranging the furniture will allow for better movement and remember to allow a path of 32". Carpets don't make moving around easy. Removing any rugs that are in the house, will make it much more wheelchair friendly. Building a ramp for your house isn't too difficult either. There are many online tutorials that can walk you through this type of project. Many do-it-yourself projects can be accomplished with little time and money. Many of the modifications discussed above, aren't expensive and they can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life. The easier it is to maneuver the wheelchair at home, the better your life will be.

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