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How to Take the Stress Out of Moving

Those first few moments after deciding to move can be very exciting. The thought of a new house or a better job opportunity can really get you pumped. Once the new-ness of the idea wears off and you have to confront all of the work involved, however, you might have second thoughts about this big change. In order to decrease your level of stress, start by planning ahead and creating an organized schedule. Before you call your Maryland movers, take a moment to reduce your new stress to a plan that you can tackle with calm hands.

Start by creating a list of those things that might present complications. Some things to consider are children and pets, houseplants; is this your first move; are you moving out of state; or will some of you leave before the rest of the family follows? Any of these situations can cause some difficulties or, at the very least, make your move more complicated.

Next, look for packing lists and moving suggestions online. There are a lot of very helpful articles that can help you to plan ahead and some that will help you to avoid difficulties that other families have faced during their moves. You might also contact your Maryland movers for suggestions and tips. You might even reduce your stress by reading about some of the funnier moving situations.

Put together your moving information in a central binder that you keep nearby. Store your checklists, calendar, and packing schedule in this binder. Gather together important phone numbers and other contact information. Save all contracts, bills, and other documents relating to the move in page protectors. Easy access to this binder can help you to make quick decisions, even when you are feeling the pressure of last minute problems.

Consider putting together an emergency kit for your move. For example, you may want to have common first aid supplies easily available. Keep your moving information binder in this kit, so that it easy to access. If you have young children, a special toy or blanket may go in at the last minute, as well as water bottles or snacks that you’ll need along the way.  A reasonable amount of cash is sometimes a good thing to have at hand, as well. Basically, anything that you might be desperate for during the move should go into this kit.

Enlist the aid of friends, family, and neighbors. It can be helpful to have a companion while you pack your belongings into boxes and to have help while you are cleaning up the house before you leave. A friend can come in handy when you communicate with Maryland movers. The second pair of ears can help you to be sure that the understanding between you and movers is correct. Your friend can also help you keep your calm when last minute problems arise.

Finally, throughout the entire moving process, try to remember that the move will pass. Focus on the reasons that led you to make the move in the first place. Talk about the positive aspects of the move. When your levels of stress get to be too much, take some time out for yourself, whether this means a night out with friends or a quiet evening at home. When you finally wave good-bye to the last of the Maryland movers, you’ll be much happier that you were able to handle your move and the stress with a cool head.