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Experiment With Your Powder Room

You've been looking to start a project for a while now. You're not too sure which room to experiment with? The Maryland movers, your expert Maryland moving company, suggests the powder room. This small-sized bathroom is the ideal spot to have some fun with your wildest interior-design fantasies, especially if you're planning to sell your home. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2010 “Cost Vs. Value” report, families in mid range homes got back 64.1% of their investment on bath remodels and for upscale projects, they recouped 57.2%.You can have a lot of fun remodeling the powder room because you can get away with decorations that you wouldn't be able to elsewhere. For example, you've fallen madly in love with a fabulous, richly patterned wallpaper, covered with images of exotic birds and flowers, where can you place it? Well the powder room would be an ideal area for such an experiment.

With powder rooms, everything goes. It simply wears well. It's primarily a space for guests to keep them from going to your private places. So is spending a lot of money on a powder room worth it? Well according to New York interior designer Dylan Farrell, houseguests are only in there for a few moments, and most owners don't even use the powder room that much so it might not be worth it to spend a lot of money on this room.

Powder rooms simply make for good hospitality. It's important to keep in mind that the powder room is the only room in your home that your guests are going to be alone in and potentially do a little snooping around. So keep it simple and keep your private things, well private. Another advantage to renovating your powder room is that it's relatively inexpensive. The reason why it's so cheap is obviously because of its size. It's a small room and doesn't take as much money as a larger room would. It's a good small investment because potential buyers do look at the powder rooms. And one last reason to go ahead and renovate that powder room, well it's simply fun. There are many great and artsy boutiques where you can find lots of original wallpaper to decorate your powder room. You can also visit some websites such as decorati.com and 1stdibs.com which are making the most luxurious brands in design available to the everyday shopper.

If you're in the market for a new home with a powder room, make sure to call the Maryland movers to help you with your moving needs when you’re ready to settle in. Our expert movers are reliable and reputable with four generations worth of experience. So, if you want a stress free move, choose the local Maryland movers as your moving company.