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Storage Turns Into Decor

The longer you live in one residence, the more things you tend to accumulate. Before you know it, you've bought an extra closet and turned your garage into your very own storage space. But disguising your storage into decor can make use of old space and beautify your place at the same time.

The local Maryland movers suggest using decorative boxes, wooden crates, even baskets and empty jars to contain various items of all sizes. You can also cluster together a few of these makeshift storage spaces to give it a different look. Repurposing items is another great way to find storage. Think of shoe boxes that are in good condition. You can use those hold so many different things including old letters and greeting cards you want to hold onto, photos, old receipts, even stationary. You can always add labels to the boxes and even use them to stack your book shelf. The mix of books and colorful boxes will add visual interest in the room.

The local Maryland moving specialists suggest wooden crates for decorative storage purposes. You can stack them up in your bathroom and store your towels and toiletries. You can also use them in your bedroom to store some of the t-shirts you've collected throughout the years. Another great storage idea for the bathroom is baskets where you can place cotton swabs, makeup removing pads and other toiletries. Office supplies can get a little messy, especially if you actually work from home. You can keep elastic bands, clips, pens, push pins and every other tiny item is cool looking glass jars. Glass jars are very versatile, you can also use them to organize the supplies for your hobbies such as sowing supplies. They can even turn into candle holders for tea lights and other types of candles.

The All My Sons of Maryland recommend using some of your souvenirs as decorative elements in your home too. Say for example you have a collection of rocks or seashells you've collected on a beach vacation, you can place those along a windowsill or even in a clear vase in your bathroom or placed on your coffee table. it exudes calm energy and uses an item that might have landed in your garage somewhere. If you have an old odd chair that's not part of any set, you can always use is as a night table by your bed. It can hold the book your reading at the moment, a lamp and just a few things you might need by your bedside like reading glasses or a water bottle. The local Maryland moving specialists recommend painting the chair a vibrant color to make a big statement in your bedroom.

Finally if all of these tips really don't help you get more storage in your home, you just might need a bigger house. Call the Maryland movers when you're ready to move. All My Sons of Maryland will provide you with professional moving services and an affordable moving quote.