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How to Throw the Merriest of Maryland Christmas Parties

If you are moving to Maryland this holiday season, local moving companies have some helpful hints on how to throw the merriest Maryland Christmas party in your new home.

With the opportune moving month being November, Christmas is the perfect holiday for not only enjoying time with friends and family, but also for meeting your new neighbors. If you are going to be hosting a Christmas party this December, here are a couple things to keep in mind:

1) Pick a date
that will work best for you, your family, and your guests. The first two weeks of December is when you can expect the majority of your invited guests to be able to attend; since they will be back from their Thanksgiving travels and will not have left for Christmas vacation yet.

2) Send out invitations
after you pick your date. With everything being technologically based nowadays, it is easy to invite everyone via email or other free e-invite.

3) Choose your menu
based on holiday themed snacks and beverages. You may even want to make it fun for your guests by allowing them to bring their personal favorite Christmas dish, so that all you have to do is supply beverages and small appetizers. Make sure that you have all of the traditional Christmas foods, such as: eggnog, cider, and Christmas cookies.

4) Decorate
everything in a winter or Christmas theme. This step should be pretty obvious, but if you do not have enough Christmas decorations then your party will not feel like a Christmas party. Set up your yearly Christmas decorations and see where you could possibly add more. You can always stop at a local party store and get cheap Christmas party decorations, such as: a Christmas-themed vinyl table cloth, Christmas-themed paper plates, red and green utensils, Christmas-themed napkins, and Christmas colored balloons. You can also visit the local nursery to pick up some popular holiday plants like poinsettias to line your driveway, use as a centerpiece, or surround the entrance to your home. Do NOT forget the mistletoe!

5) Secret Santa
is another great way to get your guests into the gift-giving spirit and have the merriest of times at your Christmas party.

6) Create a Christmas playlist
with all of the traditional and contemporary Christmas songs to continuously play throughout the night.

7) Be a merry host
and make sure that there is plenty of food, drinks, and entertainment. Know your guests; if they have children get some board games or play one of the popular Christmas movie classics on your television. If some of your guests are older, make sure that they have a comfortable place to sit. If you have family that will be spending the night after the party, make sure that they have everything they need, from pillows and blankets, to toiletries and breakfast. If you are inviting new neighbors to your party, make sure that you have something special to give them, maybe even give them a poinsettia to take home when they leave.

All My Sons Moving & Storage wants you and your family to enjoy the first Christmas in your new home here in Maryland. If you will be moving during the holiday, let our moving company family help your family by making your move easy and stress-free, so that you can throw the Merriest of Maryland Christmas parties in your new home.