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The Red Devils

Over 4,000 families in Maryland cope with breast cancer diagnosis each year. In 2002, the Red Devils was founded in order to improve the quality of life for breast cancer patients and their families living in Maryland.

Since its establishment, The Red Devils have invested over $1.8 million in services to help over 4,000 breast cancer families who are struggling with the financial and emotional hardships that come with the disease.

Partnered with over 40 hospitals and treatment facilities throughout Maryland, The Red Devils get referred patients that are looking for help. The Red Devils’ company provides services at no charge to its referrals. Among some of the services they supply are: transportation service, house cleaning, Moveable Feast, catering companies, home care agencies, pharmacies, and therapy practitioners.

The Red Devils’ treatment transportation services gives patients access to vehicles that can take them to and from their treatments.  Transportation to and from treatment is a great service even if a patient usually has a family member or friend that takes them; this can help give family and friends a break and time to relax while you get to your appointment on time. It also helps patients who usually struggle getting to their appointments because they are forced to take public transportation that they have to pay for, and sometimes may not be able to afford. The Red Devils’ treatment transportation helps eliminate any missed appointments since treatment is crucial for recovery.

The family support that The Red Devils provides is probably the most helpful feature of the company. From meals and groceries, house cleaning, utilities, rent and mortgage, after school and child care, and even unfortunate funeral expenses, The Red Devils funds it all. By lending a helping hand with supplying food and house cleaning services, breast cancer patients can spend as much time with their families as possible, without having to scrub their home. The fund also provides gift cards to the zoo so that patients can go out and do things with their children; see a movie, go to a nice restaurant, and many other attractions.

With breast cancer patients’ bills reaching an upwards of $100,000 after continuous care, The Red Devils works with hospitals and treatment facilities in order to determine where they can make cuts in expenses to get medical bills lowered. Qualified referred patients can also receive free chemotherapy and radiation treatments, get their co-payments and insurance premiums paid, free medical exams, and massage therapy, wigs, and nutritional counseling.

In order to receive funding, The Red Devils host events year-round. Some of these events :

- Massages: buy a massage through their website and $5 to $10 from every massage will go to The Red Devils

- Saving the Rack: play a game of pool at one of 11 locations throughout the Breast Cancer Awareness Month of October and 100% of proceeds with go to benefit The Red Devils

- Think Pink Zumba Charity Event: get a great workout the first weekend in October and all of the proceeds will go to the company.

- Bras for a Cause: this event is a fashion show of elaborate bras, modeled by breast cancer survivors, is $50 in advance or $60 at the door and a portion of the proceeds will go towards The Red Devils’ funds.

These are just some of the events that take place during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, every October. If you are moving to Maryland and would like more information on The Red Devils, all of their events, and how you can lend your support, visit their website at www.the-red-devils.org