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All My Sons of Maryland Says Better Pictures, Better Sell

We all know that in today's difficult financial times, it's not easy to always get your asking price when selling your home. Many people have slashed their prices to compensate for the lack of buyers. What can you do to get more traffic towards your listing? All My Sons of Maryland, your local Maryland moving company, suggests better pictures. What does this mean? It seems that a lot of sellers out there are actually taking pictures of their houses themselves. While this can sometimes work out, it's actually well worth it to hire a professional real estate photographer to take those pictures.

A recent survey from Redfin Corp has shown that sellers who posted pictures taken by higher-end cameras sold their properties between $934 to $116,076 more than those who posted pictures from the single-lens point and shoot cameras! Now we don't all have access to such sophisticated cameras and this is when hiring a professional real estate photographer would actually come in handy. The price that you will pay for the photographer will be well worth your investment. You will get that money back and then some if the pictures are well presented. If you believe that your home is well worth your asking price, before cutting back and lowering that price, try investing in a better camera or a professional real-estate photographer. You will not need to lower your asking price because the pictures that will be posted will reflect the true beauty of your home in a professional manner. And by doing so and with a little bit of patience and luck you may just get the price you are asking for.

We are all trying to save some money in today's difficult economic times, but sometimes it's not a good idea to cut back on important details such as the photos of your home. Yes, you can take the pictures yourself with the camera you bought for that cruise, but the quality of those images are going to hurt you in the long run. If you look at jewelers they use the best cameras in the industry to take pictures of their expensive diamond rings. You wouldn't want to see a bad ring on a picture because that will simply turn you off and you will look elsewhere for that special ring. Well it's the same for real estate, the better your pictures the more traffic this will generate towards your listing and this means more buyers fighting for your home. Who doesn't like a bidding war?

The Maryland moving specialists want to remind you that pictures worth a thousand words and are important when selling your home. Don't forget that All My Sons of Maryland are experts at what they do and can help you move into your new home. Our moving company is licensed and insured and is staffed with professionals to help you throughout your residential or commercial moving experience. So get out there and hire those professional real estate photographers it will be well worth it!