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Sustainable Gardening in Maryland

Having and maintaining a sustainable garden at your Maryland home, makes sense in a world of climate change, environmental damage, and GMOs. Creating a sustainable Maryland garden takes a little effort, but with a little hard work, can actually become a very rewarding experience, not to mention will give your wallet a break. Enlisting to create a sustainable garden goes a long way to reduce your environmental footprint after moving. Local Maryland movers know that having a sustainable garden at your new Maryland home can increase carbon storage, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to plant and animal diversity. All My Sons Moving & Storage Maryland has some great tips to get your sustainable garden up and running.

  • Plant trees- When you plant trees around your Maryland home, they can help store carbon from the atmosphere into the soil. Trees can also provide shade and cool your home in the summer, lessening the need to blast the air conditioning that you had on full speed during the week of your move.

  • Compost your waste- After moving to Maryland, you can opt for more organic waste disposal methods by turning your food scraps into the vital nutrients that your sustainable garden needs, by turning to composting. The internet has a plethora of ‘how-to compost’ tips that can be specified to the exact needs of plants. Come up with a recipe of leftover organic materials that create the perfect supply of nutrients that your plants crave. Maryland movers believe that the less going into our landfills, the better, and together, Maryland residents can all leave a better carbon footprint.

  • Recycle and repurpose- use recycled materials in your garden. You can get creative and find unique items at a local Maryland antique or thrift shop that you can repurpose and use as flower pots, herb beds, or décor. Local Maryland movers suggest using dated colanders as planting pots, offering the perfect amount of drainage and aeration that plants need, while adding a boost of color to your garden.

  • Grow your own organic food- Growing your own food in your Maryland garden, can reduce your environmental impact by eliminating the need to have your food supplied by shipping trucks, but also allows you to be in control the use of water and fossil fuels during the process.

  • Be responsible with your gardening practices- Think carefully before you use pesticides or synthetic fertilizer. Many eco-friendly alternatives exist and you can use your homemade compost to feed your plants. You can also introduce symbiotic organisms to your Maryland garden that help maintain good quality soil or keep more invasive, non-beneficial pests out of your home garden. Another tip from Maryland movers: gardening should be organic, so using organic fertilizers on your fruits and vegetables is the key to eating organically.

  • Minimize the use of power tools- Powered tools use electricity and while they are more convenient, there are more sustainable options for your home garden.

  • Choose eco-friendly plants- Certain plants produce more sustainable results. There are many plants that you can add to your Maryland home garden that have specific benefits to the ecosystem. Having a sustainable garden can also provide a habitat for animals, and be beneficial for insects and birds.

  • Mulch- Local Maryland movers suggest using mulch in your home garden, in order to maintain moisture. This will help eliminate the issue of using too much water in your garden and will provide protection from too much sunlight to fragile roots. Mulch will also bio-degrade down into nutrients for your garden.