Rating 4.6

A Stress-Free Move To Baltimore

I hate moving and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does. I mean who likes to spend their time cleaning, packing, organizing, moving, for days and days, even weeks depending on the size of your house. I had to get ready to move my entire family, yes, that’s one husband, 2 kids, a dog and a cat, from Washington D.C. to Baltimore where my husband took up a new job. I’m a freelance writer so I mainly work from home. Most of my business transactions are done over email and phone calls, which of course meant that the most important thing was that on the first day I arrive in my new 4-bedroom home, I had to have an internet connection. Oh yes, and electricity of course. Anyhow, I got away from the whole point here. Moving can be a bad experience, but with a little bit of luck and a lot of good old online research, you can find a reputable moving company that can make things easier on you. Case in point: All My Sons Moving and Storage of Maryland. Boy, are these guys good at what they do. Total professionals and they have this whole moving thing under control. I found them online after a few minutes of researching and liked their informational website a lot. I found answers to my questions before I even called for a free moving estimate. I called up and asked a few more things, I wondered if the had experience with moving a piano. My 10-year old daughter plays and so we have one at the house. The All My Sons of Maryland representative said it was no problem, the Maryland moving specialists have done that before and that I shouldn’t worry about anything. I liked the sound of that. Moving day was just around the corner and before I knew it, the Maryland moving crew was knocking on my front door and ti my driveway were two huge moving trucks. The next several hours were filled with movers walking in and out of my place and my furniture, my televisions, my kids’ dressers, the piano, everything was getting loaded onto the truck. I didn’t have to lift a single thing, plus my kids were at school so I just concentrated on keeping my pets away from the movers so they can work without being bothered. The whole thing was going really smoothly and I even felt comfortable with leaving them alone for a little while so that I can pick up my kids from school. So moving day wasn’t as horrible as expected thanks to the geniuses and talented All My Sons of Maryland movers. Thanks guys! This testimonial was by Nicole Bollsworth, Baltimore.