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The Maryland Movers Present Solutions for a Damaged Wall

It's amazing how many little problems can occur in a home, anywhere from cracked plaster to bubbling wallpaper. These small problems can have a big effect on your house and your first instinct is to call a repair man. There are many good repair companies out there that can repair your damaged walls but the Maryland movers, your expert Maryland moving company, suggests a few quick fixes that you can do yourself.

Do you have a hole in your wall? Then patching to the rescue! According to MSN.com a quick fix for a hole is by using a peel-and-stick drywall-repair screen. You can buy it at any hardware store. If you're not able to find one at your local hardware store, then try the following: with a utility knife, cut a square around the hole and insert a short piece of scrap wood as a brace while you insert screws into it from the front. Cut a drywall patch using the square you removed as a template. Then, coat the patch with compound and press into the hole against the brace and paint it to match the rest of the wall and voila, problem solved.

The annoying cracks that you find on the living room walls, you can fix those. Again, don't run to the phone and call a repair man just yet. By using the pointed end of a can opener, gently scrape it. Get rid of all the dust and cover the crack with a 2-inch-wide adhesive-backed fiberglass-mesh drywall tape which you can find at your hardware store. According to MSN.com you've just fixed your crack using this method and saved some money at the same time too.

A bubble in your wallpaper is really a pain in the neck. This is something that you can do it yourself as well. Use a knife a cut an X in the bubble. Peel back the edges of the X and apply wallpaper adhesive with care. All that is left to do is smooth the edges and your bubble has disappeared. All these small little problems are easy to fix with the right tools and a little bit of patience. It's easy to call a repairman and simply pay and have them do the job, but you can save yourself some money by repairing it yourself. Great little quick fixes like these are relatively fast to do so before you put your house for sell give them a try. Remember small details can go a long way.

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