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Making A Smooth Transition To Your New Home

Moving to a new home is an exciting and stressful event, especially if there are children or pets involved.  There are so many things that must be done, and often times, there is a specific time period in which it must be accomplished.  It takes time to pack up all of your life’s treasures that you’ve accumulated through the years, and delicately wrap them so they don’t get broken during the moving process.  Not to mention transitioning into a strange new neighborhood.  Luckily, there are Maryland movers that can hasten the process.  Here are some specific tips that you can follow in order to make the moving process a little easier for your family.

Moving Your Children

School-aged children may have some reservations about moving into a new neighborhood, while leaving their friends, and changing schools.  If possible, try to finish the school year at their current school before moving them.  You will then have the summer to make sure they are registered and prepared to start the new school year.  In many cases, this may not be feasible.  You should then give your current school as much notice as possible to transfer records to your new school.  You can also make your children more comfortable by:

  • Packing your child’s room last and unpacking it first.  Keep their things around them as much as possible.  Get them excited about unpacking their room.  Allow them some freedom to decorate it as they wish.
  • Get them involved in activities around the neighborhood.  Play at the local park frequently.  They may just meet some friends that will be going to their school.

Moving Your Pet

Since pets can become very anxious during a move, you want to mask the changes as much as possible.  Consider the following before moving:

  • On moving day, keep your pet confined to a familiar room where they feel safe.  You may even consider leaving them at a trusted friend’s house in order to remove them from the chaos.
  • Before letting your pet loose, unpack your things and make your space homey. 
  • If you usually let your cats have free range of the neighborhood, keep them inside for a few weeks before letting them explore on their own.
  • Make sure to give your pet a place of their own with their favorite blankets and toys.

Moving Yourself

Planning the move makes the process easier and more enjoyable.  With so many things to accomplish, writing them down helps to ensure that everything gets done.  Here are a few things you may want to add to your list:

  • Approximately 4 weeks before your moving date, contact reputable Maryland movers to schedule your move. 
  • Make a change-of-address request with the post office, magazine subscriptions, insurance company, and credit card companies.
  • Call and make arrangements with the utility company to transfer your service to another residence.  This includes your cable, phone, and internet service as well as your water, heat, gas, and garbage.
  • Keep your personal things with you as opposed to packing them away.  This will keep you from digging through boxes to find your contact solution or toothbrush.
  • Have a garage sale to avoid taking unwanted clutter to your new home.

You can turn a chaotic and frustrating process into a positive experience for everyone involved with just a little planning and organization.  Get your family excited about moving and starting out on a new life adventure.