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Run Your New Maryland Home More Efficiently with Smart Apps

Now that you are all settled into your home after moving to Maryland, it’s time to start thinking about ways to manage your new home more efficiently. Companies like Apple now have smart phones that when paired with the right app can make controlling your home easier, whether you are there or not. To help you find out what apps are best for transforming your home into a smart house, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Maryland has put together a guide to their favorite apps.

Nest – Control your home thermostat from just about anywhere with this impressive new product. All you will need is the Nest thermostat and a Wi-Fi connection, making this one of the easiest and most affordable ways to control the temperature of your home from your phone. In about a week, Nest learns your family’s schedule and begins to auto-schedule itself to keep you comfortable while at home and save you money while you’re away.

WeMo – Our local Maryland movers love the functionality of this smart app. For as little as $80, this app and motion sensor allows you to turn on and off any and all appliances in your home. With just the swipe of a finger on your smart phone, you will know if you left your hair straightener and better yet, turn it off without having to return home.

Water Timer – Looking for ways to cut back on costs after moving to Maryland? The Water Timer app allows you to calculate how much water you are using in a certain amount of time and how much it will end it costing you. Available in the iTunes App Store, this smart app is designed for iPhones and iPads and cost $1.49 per month.

Petnet – For just $149, you will be able to manage your dog or cat’s feeding from your hand-held device. Petnet gives you the freedom to choose when you are going to feed your pet and at what time. They also offer better food choices that include healthy ingredients and deliver it right to your front door.

Alarm.com – Secure your home from your office, car or anywhere else you have Wi-Fi connection after moving to Maryland using the Alarm.com app. Beyond securing your home, this smart app also uses GPS to track where you are so it can adjust the temperature and lights to your liking before you arrive. Alarm.com is available for iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and android users.

DirecTV – Now that all the unpacking is done after moving to Maryland, catch up on your latest shows using the DirecTV app. This app allows you to manage your TV recordings verbally from your phone and watch recorded shows anytime anywhere. The DirecTV app is available to DirecTV customers using iOS or Android smartphones and is free with subscription.

SmartThings – This popular app is used by many to monitor pretty much any and everything in their home. If you’re the type that likes a cup of hot coffee right when you roll out of bed or if you are constantly double-checking to make sure the stove is off, this is the app for you. Not only will you be able to monitor your appliances after getting the SmartThings app, your devices will have the ability to start communicating with each other. For example, if a door is accidently left open your thermostat will know and adjust itself to conserve energy.