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Decorate Your Current Home, Even If You’re Moving

Everyone is use to the idea of decorating when moving into a new space. The new home might be bigger so you might need new furniture, you might feel like you want a change and paint new colors on the various walls or the layout might be very different so your decoration will automatically be different as well. But not everyone understands that you’ll have to redecorate your current place before you move so that you can actually sell your home faster.

The Maryland local movers say the key is to depersonalize your home. Try to take away some of the items that make your home your own. Think personal photographs, souvenirs from various trips, even signs or a welcome mat that has your family’s last name. You want to make potential buyers feel like your home can be their future house, so if you leave these very personal items, they’ll have a harder time imagine building memories and living in that space.

It’s best to go with a minimalistic approach to redecorating your space before you place it on the market or even before you take pictures to post online. You want clean lines, no clutter, just a simple décor that showcases the size of your place and neutral look. Get rid of figurines, trophies, your children’s artwork or anything monogrammed for that matter. If you have a home office, make sure that space is decluttered as well. The Maryland moving specialists say there should be no bills laying around, no personal documents on the desk or anything that screams personal and messy. Showcase the office as clean and spacious, maybe leaving a laptop on the desk and a few pens and items that say workspace.

These tips will help you sell your home faster so you can redecorate in your new home as you get settled. For an easy move, book the moving services of the local Maryland moving company. You’ll get quilt pad wrapping with your residential move, help with assembling your furniture, an affordable moving quote as well as outstanding customer service. If you need help with scoring professional moving boxes, moving kits or packing materials, the Maryland movers can help as well. Just call our moving consultants and ask away your questions. Happy moving!