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Questions to Ask Your Washington DC Residential Packers and Movers

If you are looking to hire a moving company to handle all your packing and transferring needs, you want to perform a lot of research about residential moving companies and gain knowledge on exactly what services they provide. When you choose a Washington DC residential moving company, you are trusting this company with the proper handling of your personal items and you are opening your home to them. You are going to want to conduct a lot of research and gather as much information as you can before you make your decision. There are many questions you should ask when considering which Washington DC residential movers you decide to hire. Here is a list of helpful and important questions you may want to go with.

Is your Washington DC residential moving company properly licensed?

You want to make sure a company provides qualified movers who are properly certified and insured to handle your moving and packing needs. A legitimate local and cross-country mover will have a US Department of Transportation number (USDOT) issued and you can check this number with the company to ensure real and legal packing services. Membership with the Better Business Bureau is another sign of reliability and you should research companies that are a part of this organization.

How long has this Washington DC moving company been in business?

The length a company has been in business points to the kind of diverse experience they offer as well as the quality of services performed. Companies that have been in business for years have yielded successful results that have made them stay competitive for so long. You may want to consider hiring an established moving company with years of experience so you can feel comfortable with them handling the packing services in an efficient manner.  

Does your residential moving company provide the suitable equipment?

The right sizes of moving trucks as well as different kinds of dollies are necessary for any move, and you want to make sure your moving company provides the necessary resources for an efficient move. You can consult a moving company about the kinds of equipment they use for packing, transporting, and unpacking services. A full-service moving company usually provides the adequate materials and resources to your home before the transit takes place.

 Can you residential moving company show you references?

When you are performing research, you want to come across satisfied customers who share their positive experience from a moving company. People are more likely to trust previous customers than a moving consultant at first, and strong references give a good indication of dependability. Word of mouth goes a long way and you should choose a residential moving company that can offer testimonials.

Are storage facilities provided during a residential move?

During the moving process, you may need to store personal items for a certain time period and you should consult moving companies on the type of storage they offer. You want to ask questions about the kind of storage space and the conditions within it. Find out the price of this storage service so there are no surprises at the end of your move.

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