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All My Sons of Maryland Present Buying a Haunted House

Are you in the market for a new home? Are you a first time buyer? Some people might not be aware of this, but All My Sons of Maryland, your local Maryland moving company explain why some people might look to buy a haunted house. That's right, there are people out there looking for a house that might have been haunted or had reports of spirits in the premises. Why would anyone want to buy such a house? Well, it comes down to money. Did you know that a house that is supposedly haunted can sell between 10-20% less than the actual asking price? Ah, well now you can see why there are people looking for that spooky house. But what if you own a house that is haunted or visited by the supernatural? I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't want to sell it for 10-20% less than the asking price. We all want to make money when selling real estate, so what can you do to avoid selling it for less?

Well, All My Sons of Maryland, the local Maryland moving experts, suggest the following. Why not try and improve the look of that scary house. If you have a spooky looking iron fence covered with spider webs, try and replace it with a picket fence, this actually helps a lot. Inside the house, you can try and get rid of antique or outdated furniture, or maybe old scary paintings of possible ancestors. Dusting the house would not be terrible either. Keeping the curtains opened and letting some sunlight in, is not a bad idea as well. This might seem funny to some but these subtle changes can make a big difference when selling that scary property.

It's also important to know your state laws. For example, if your house was owned by a serial killer or gruesome murders have taken place there, it's not ok to leave that kind of information out when trying to sell the property. This fact has to be mentioned and disclosed to the new buyers. If you are lucky, some people actually look for these types of properties, but most of us do not look for that. You also have to show some patience when selling such a property, because you might get a lot of people interested in your house, but when they hear that a “certain family” family used to live there....well they might change their minds in making that first bid.

Whether you are looking to buy that scary mansion or selling it, remember to think of All My Sons of Maryland, your local Maryland moving specialists, to move out all your scary outdated furniture. The Maryland movers will quilt pad wrap all of your delicate belongings to avoid any damage. As a licensed and insured moving company, not to mention reputable, All My Sons of Maryland can be trusted with your residential move.