Rating 4.6

Thank You For Such a Wonderful Move

To the Maryland local movers, I really couldn’t have done this gigantic move without your expert team. I’m indebted to you guys forever and promise to mention your name every time anyone is looking for a professional moving company. I was dreading the move I had to make and thankfully I found your local Maryland moving company to help me through the ordeal. Everyone in the family said they would help, but we’ve all been so busy, it’s been almost impossible to pack, let alone move our personal belongings ourselves with a few friend in tow. Plus, we would have never been able to do such a professional job like you guys. I really liked the personalized service and the fact that many of the items were quilt-pad wrapped. I was so scared to have some of my things damaged, especially my husband’s pool table. I don’t know how we ever thought we can move it ourselves. Who were we kidding?

The packing alone took a ton of time to complete, what with so many rooms and ‘stuff’, it was almost impossible to finish on time. Thankfully, you helped with the moving supplies and boxes. I never realized we had accumulated so many things around the house as a family. I found doubles and triples of many things and had the chance to donate some of it. It reduced the load by a little, even though you guys filled up two full moving trucks.
As of now, we’re trying to purchase less as a family. Less is more, right? I’m thankful again for all your hard work and expertise when moving our personal things. You guys really handled the job efficiently and after watching you all move all of our stuff, I know there’s no way we could’ve done all that heavy lifting, not to mention, loading boxes, assembling furniture and that huge project of moving that mighty pool table. Thanks again All My Sons Maryland, I promise to send you every referral. You deserve it! This testimonial is by Jane F, Maryland.