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Prepare Your Space For Painting

When people move into a new home, the local Maryland movers know most people concentrate on what colors they're going to choose for their walls. Are they going to go for neutral? for pop of colors on walls? But little thought goes into how to prepare the actual space for the painting. Spending some time to figure out a plan that will make painting your new home easier is really worth the time. It will actually shave off time from the painting project as a whole. The local Maryland movers know that if you paint before you actually move in, the task will be easier because you'll skip a few of the steps to prep your space. But if you've had to move in, don't let that deter you from painting your home the way you really want to.

The Maryland moving specialists suggest you first cover up your stuff before you get to painting. You want to protect your furniture and valuables from any stray paint that might land on it. You can use a cloth or an old bed sheet or even a shower curtain to cover your personal belongings. All My Sons of Maryland reminds you to take off items from your walls as well like photographs, art, shelves even if you think you can go around them easily. You should also tape the edges such as trims of windows, outlets, switches and so on. You want to make sure everything is covered. All My Sons of Maryland suggest you patch up any holes before you start applying your paint. You want to fill in all the cracks with the spackling material to have a smooth surface that's ready for painting.

If you moved into an older home or renting an apartment, you might want to wash your walls before applying a fresh coat of paint. You can get them clean with a mild household cleaner and don't forget to let them dry before you paint. Using a primer is definitely recommended, especially if you're painting over darker paint color with lighter ones. The priming will make the paint go on and adhere more easily as well as give you the best match to your paint swatch. Painting is so much simpler when your space is ready for the work.