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Pay Less For Your Electricity

When people move into new homes, it becomes a chance for a fresh start with new habits, new budgets and a chance to live differently. Whether it’s to start cooking more because you now enjoy your spacious kitchen, or it’s to decorate differently or even consider a new budget. With the tough economic market, everyone can use a little guidance in terms of saving more money. And All My Sons of Maryland is here to help you with quick, random tips on how to save on your electricity bill every month. You’d be surprised how much it can make a difference in your monthly budget. And don’t forget to give us a call before you’re ready to move. Our Maryland movers serve all the areas surrounding Maryland including Annapolis, Baltimore, Potomac, Mc Lean and more. They’re experienced and professional backed by a licensed and insured moving company.

So let’s start with the obvious. Turning off your lights when you’re not there, when you’re not in your place or in specific rooms. It’s quite simple and can translate into many savings. Change your light bulbs too. Choose compact fluorescent ones. They’ll save you money and generate less heat.

During the summer time, if you’re using air conditioning instead of plug-in fans, make sure you keep the temperature to about 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re in the house and if no one is there, you can either turn it off or raise it 82 degrees. Make sure that your air conditioner runs smoothly by replacing the filter from time to time. And that your insulation around the house is up to par so that there’s no escape of cool air. Check cracks in walls, windows and other places. As far as ceiling fans are concerned, just like the light switch, make sure they’re functioning only if someone is in the room.

 In the kitchen, All My Sons of Maryland movers also suggest that when you use your dishwasher you let your dishes air dry by just opening the door instead of using the dishwasher’s function. Also, avoid pre-rinsing your dishes, it’s a waste of water. Verify your refrigerator and freezer to check if they’re working properly. If they aren’t or if they’re old appliances, they might be using more energy and electricity that they need to.

For your washing machine and dryer, there are little things you can do to use up less electricity. Like for example, make sure you wash with cold water. And verify that the lint filter is clean before you run the dryer. You can also let air dry certain items of clothing, especially clothes made up of cotton. The items won’t shrink and you won’t have to run the machine.