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Packing Your House For A Move

The first step to moving to a new home is packing up all your belongings so your Maryland movers can move you quickly and efficiently into your new home.  The thought of packing up everything you own can be daunting, but there are simple steps that can help you to simplify the process and make sure you are only taking the items you absolutely want to. 

First, don’t take anything with you to your new home that you haven’t used for at least two years.  Chances are good that if you haven’t used it in that time period, you aren’t likely to need it in the near future.  As you are going through your belongings, make a pile of things that must go with you and a pile of things that can either go to charity or can be sold.  If they are expensive items that are still in good shape, take the time to have a garage sale or sell them to an online buyer.  But don’t take any item that you don’t regularly use.

Start packing as soon as you get the word that you are moving.  There are obvious items that must stay out until right before you go, but there are things you don’t use every day that can be packed up.  Many kitchen items and storage bins can be packed and organized in such a way that you can be ready for your Maryland movers to come in as quickly as you get the word that you are moving.  If you don’t mind bare walls, take down your decorations and package them, as most of them must be packaged carefully to avoid breakage.  Doing your packing over a period of several weeks makes the process seem much more bearable than doing it in a few days.

Make sure that you carefully label each box as it is packed up.  Include the information about what is in the box, and where the box goes in your new home.  Labeling boxes makes it much easier for your Maryland movers to get the boxes in the right place in your new home.  Rather than sorting through boxes when you get to your new home, you can immediately begin the process of unpacking when all your boxes are in the correct rooms. Labeling your boxes makes this process simple.

As you are labeling your boxes, include a special symbol for items that you will need quickly or right away after you move.  Use a star or an asterisk to notify movers that these items are important and should be unloaded somewhere obvious.

Finally, make sure to load up the rooms of your children last.  This way their rooms will be unloaded and set up first.  Moving can be a strange experience for a child, and the more quickly you settle them back into the familiar, the easier the transition will be on all of you.

Successful packing is the first step in a successful moving process.  By staying organized and taking a little bit of extra time in the beginning, you simplify the moving process and ensure that your family transitions as seamlessly as possible to their new home.