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Packing Hacks for your Move to Maryland

Professional Maryland moving company knows that many people dread moving. All the work involved is agonizing and tedious and stressful to say the least. Packing, organizing, transporting, finding friends to help through bribery of pizza and beer is a daunting process. While you can always use All My Sons of Maryland and move with ease through their full service moving option, if you chose not to they do recommend a few hacks to make your move to Maryland a lot less stressful. So put these packing hacks to good use and get happy moving!

  1. Be thrifty and find free moving boxes. Again, All My Sons of Maryland can make your life easier with a full service move to Maryland including moving supplies, you can always opt out of the expense and search for free boxes. Save a little cash on moving boxes by looking on the “free” section of craigslist, hitting up the local grocery store or liquor store, and check out warehouse style stores that will probably end up breaking down boxes and throwing them away.
  2. Purge yourself and your closets of all unnecessary belongings. Since you are already going through all of your stuff, now is the perfect time to sort through it and decide what can be donated or dumped altogether. Make sure to cut down on all of your possessions so that your move to Maryland is a little lighter and easier and your new home will be less cluttered.
  3. Take pictures of your electronics before you unplug. You can also color coordinate the wires with duct tape so that you can remember where they all go. This saves a ton of time when you go to set them up again.
  4. Place all of your hanging clothes in garbage bags. Instead of pulling clothes off the hangers, keep them on the hanger and cut a hole at the bottom of a garbage bag so that when you get to your new Maryland home you can simply remove the garbage and hang them up again.
  5. Plastic wrap the draws of your dresser with everything inside. The plastic wrap will keep the drawers shut when local Maryland moving company picks up your furniture, plus you can leave the belongings in there without have to use boxes.
  6. Keep screws and bolts organized. If you need to dismantle any furniture, keep all the screws and bolts together by putting them in a labeled freezer bags along with the directions on how to reassemble the furniture.
  7. Use soft materials from around the house as packing material. You don’t need as much packing material as you think if you use items like bath towels, blankets, or socks to safely pack and store fragile items.
  8. Cut holes in the sides of boxes for easy lifting. Use a box cutter or scissors to cut triangle shaped holes in the sides of boxes to make it easier for your local Maryland movers to lift.
  9. Pack your local moving truck with a guide. Make a visual guide for your All My Sons moving truck so that you can plan ahead and then know where everything is when you begin to unpack.