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Packing Advice For Your Move to Maryland

All My Sons Moving and Storage of Maryland has done countless moves over the years and has accumulated a lot of knowledge when it comes to packing the right way. From everyday items to clothing to tricky things like bicycles and bulky things like your bed, we’ve seen it all. Here are a few tips to help you make packing easier.

First you have to get things in order. Make a mental list or write down the things you’re moving. That’ll give you an overall picture of how much work is ahead of you, how much time you’ll need and also how many packing supplies you need.

Remember to first pack the things you don’t need in your everyday routine. Things like picture frames, photographs and albums, paperwork and important documents, your movie collection, certain appliances and so on.

For pacing clothing, you can use wardrobe boxes with hanger bars, that’ll make your life easier and you probably won’t have to spend time ironing afterwards. You can also take things out of your dressers and move the stuff in luggage for easy transportation and you’ll also save boxes. All My Sons of Maryland tries sometimes to quilt-wrap your dressers so you might not even have to get your clothes out of it. Call and ask our representative before you start packing. You can use resealable freezer bags to pack up undergarments, socks and even toiletries.

Don’t forget to mark “Fragile” on boxes that are stocked up with delicate belongings.

Try to always keep nuts and bolts or cables in a plastic bag attached to its item, whether it’s a bed, electrical appliance or anything else that has loose parts. Try to keep everything together.

You might have to check for moving instruction in a owner’s manual for specific items around the house. A certain appliance, computer or other electric item.

As far as flammable machinery like a lawn mower, for example, remember to dispose of all the gasoline in it.

If you have sports equipment to move like a bike, make sure its chain and pedals are covered so that the grease doesn’t smear on other items in the moving truck.

For a hassle-free move, once you’ve packed, All My Sons of Maryland is your moving company of choice. So don’t forget to call us to set up your moving date. We have countless years of moving experience and our Maryland movers are reliable and efficient. They’re careful with your possessions and deliver great service with a smile.