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Homeownership Across the U.S.

According to Homegain’s latest National Home Ownership Satisfaction Survey, the local Maryland movers learned that 72% of surveyed homeowners around the U.S. are satisfied with owning a home, while 28% of people are unhappy most likely due to devaluation of their homes. From that 72%, only 24% of them said it was because of the appreciation. The others had numerous reasons for which they were happy to own, including homeownership in itself. They also enjoyed having the freedom to control their home improvements and upgrades.

37% of people were unhappy with homeownership due to the cost of owning a home, such as property taxes, homeowner’s association fees, upkeep and routine repairs. Three out of four are very happy with homeownership even with this unstable real estate situation. The happiest people regarding homeownership come from the northeast, with people from the southeast following in a close second.

The Maryland moving specialists also learned that people who purchased a home within the last three to eight years were less satisfied, if they bought before that timeframe they tend to be happier about homeownership. People who pay more for their homes in the high-end real estate market were less satisfied, but those who paid under $75,000. Those purchasing homes through foreclosures and short sales were much happier with the highest satisfaction ratings.

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