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The Wood Burning Stove

In a struggling economy, we're all trying to find ways to save money. Many Americans are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes. Gas and oil can be very costly. People are turning to wood. Wood stoves are gaining popularity because of their low cost. According to MSN.com, shipments of wood stoves increased 54%.

Wood stoves come in all shapes and sizes. It's basically a box that is packed with wood and radiates heat. Why is the wood stove so popular? Simple, it's because they're not expensive and flexible. The advantage to using a wood stove is simple: saves money. The cost of heating with oil go as high as $4000 and even higher. With a wood stove, all you need is to buy some wood or if you're so inclined, chop it yourself. The cost of a cord of wood has risen and can range between $150 to $250 nationwide.

The disadvantage regarding wood burning stoves is they have their limits as to how much of the house they can heat. If you own a very big house, you can't expect a wood stove to heat the entire place. Also, wood stoves don't work well with ceilings that are vaulted. The heat rises and stays put. Operating two wood stoves at the same time also is a bad idea. For those that have tried this, you know how much of a hassle this is. Of course you need to expect that the bigger the property, the less the wood stove will heat it. You may need to buy some individual heaters for separate rooms if your house is big.

Wood stoves are great for heating no questions about it. If you're trying to save some money on your heating bill, then using a wood stove may be the way to go. Remember that if you're house is very big, don't expect the wood stove to heat it all. By heating with the wood stove, you will see some improvements on your heating bill and you will save some money.

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