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Real Estate Auctions Online

Selling your home these days is not an easy task. There are great bargains, plenty of inventory and the real estate market  definitely favors the buyer. People are trying to get rid of their homes through various ways from using the traditional “for sale” sign and with the help of professional realtors to social networking sites as well short sales and the lesser desired outcome, the foreclosure.

Thanks to MSN online, the local Maryland movers learned that besides just the regular classified ads online and multiple listings services available online, a home seller can try to get rid of his or her home with the help of real estate auctions on the internet. Being online means you’ll be getting more exposure obviously, not only to people within your state but also around the world. The biggest benefit, besides to selling your home of course, is that you don’t have to pay any commission unless your home sells via the online auction.

Professionals at sites like RealtyBid.com are saying their residential listings have gone from 1% to 10%.  Another online home auction site based in Maryland, Bid4Assets.com, says sellers are making a mistake trying to sell their homes themselves, that there these days value-priced property sells best. The advantage of selling via an online auction is that a home typically sells fast, within two weeks. Those that sell quickly are those that have the most detailed description, this can include nearby attractions as well as maps of the area and nay disclosures. Quality pictures are a must.

These online auction sites get a lot of traffic, so again the advantage with that is the exposure your house is getting, with you showcasing the very best parts of it through the details you share. Websites like Maryland’s Bid4Asset has hundreds of thousands of visitors every week with a lot of foreign homebuyers as well. Data is verified on those sites as well, so identity is verified, credit card names and emails plus addresses are checked. Some sites have a penalty worth several hundred of dollars if the buyer defaults on a bid. There’s typically a 24-hour turnaround for the first deposit.

Some of the disadvantages are that your home might sell for a lesser price that you wish, so your profit can be smaller. But sellers can sometimes, depending on the site, can set up high reserves or even take their home off of the auction market.

If you’re successful with selling your home in an online auction, you’ll need to move out quickly. The local Maryland moving specialists can help you with professional moving services at an affordable price. We’re part of a large network of expert movers across the country with moving offices in Nashville, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, West Palm Beach and Jacksonville. For a reputable moving company, call All My Sons of Maryland.