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New Homes and the Economy

According to MSNBC, new home sales hit record low. They decreased sharply last month. The Commerce Department said numbers fell to 12.4% in July from June to an annual sales pace of 276,600 dollars. The Maryland local movers found out that that’s the slowest pace on record since 1963. MSNBC says the past three months have been the worst.

New home sales fell everywhere in the U.S., by more than 25% in the West, 14% in the Northeast, 9% in the South and 8% in the Midwest. The median sale price in July was 204,00 dollars, down 4.8% from a year ago and 6% from June.
Weak sales in the real estate industry means that there are less jobs in the construction business which typically helps and boosts the economy. Apparently, All My Sons of Maryland found out that every home that’s built creates about three job for a year and generates about 90,000 dollars. This is according to the National Association of Home Builders. So if new homes aren’t being bought then there’s no reason to build. If there’s no construction, there are no jobs.
Builders are in competition with properties and homes that are in foreclosure and those have a lower price tag so new homes only made 7%of the housing market last year, down form 15% before the situation in real estate turned sour.

Unemployment and tight credit guidelines hasn’t helped the situation. Things got a little better with the tax credit for homebuyers, but since that’s not available anymore, so sales have dropped again. The local Maryland movers found out that from 1983-2007, there were over 600,000 new homes sold but after that time period and the real estate market busted, the number dropped to 375,000.

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