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Myths About Foreclosure Homes

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding foreclosures. According to realestate.aol.com, Freddie Mac created a series of videos that can be seen on youtube.com called “Get the Facts”. These videos have been created to educate the people and to explain the facts and myths about home foreclosures. The videos explain what foreclosures can do to your credit score and what homeowners should do if they're in financial trouble with their homes. Since 2007, when the trouble began, over 2.3 million homes were repossessed. According to realestate.aol.com, 2 percent of the nation's homes are foreclosed. People are confused and stressed because of what's going on in the housing market. Not only is this bad enough, but there are many scams out there. Scams that some unfortunate people fall for sometimes causing them money and sometimes even their homes.

The videos created by Freddie Mac are great. Basically they're done in three parts. Each video is done by a Freddie Mac housing counselor. The first video talks about a man who's worried that if his house gets foreclosed that he will never be able to buy another house again. Of course this isn't the case. The next video discusses how a homeowner should stop making mortgage payments in order to get financial help. Wrong again. The third video explains that you won't lose your home simply because you've missed a mortgage payment. The fourth video covers the fact that not all offers of help are scams, some are valid and are there to truly help you. The fifth and last video gives you tips on what to do if your lender is ignoring you.

By reading and watching the videos about the myths regarding foreclosures you'll feel more at ease about them. There are many great deals you can find in today's real estate market. It's a buyer's market, no doubt about that and if you're planning on buying a property, now is as good a time as any. Are you looking for a property in Maryland? If you are, then don't forget to call All My Sons Moving And Storage Of Maryland to help you with your move. Our local Maryland moving company is licensed and insured plus backed by four generations of professional movers! We've been moving families like yours for over 20 years! Our expert Maryland movers will quilt pad wrap all of your belongings so they'll never get damaged. Built on the strong values of honest business principles and total customer satisfaction, our expert movers continue to be one of the cornerstones of local movers in this area. Make no mistake and call us the next time you move.