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Making Moving Fun for Families

Moving can be hard considering all the preparation that goes into it. It involves a lot of planning, cleaning, sorting, researching and everything in between. Moving can be quite a stressful event for families and their pets too, sometime not only before or during the actual move, sometimes afterwards. Once settled, families have to get used to their new surroundings, new neighbors and children have to get used to their new rooms, sometimes even a new school.

There are things you can enjoy as a family to lessen the stress or anxiety surrounding the big event. The local Maryland movers suggest you establish a movie and/or game night in your new home. Watching a movie or playing a favorite game can really make the new house feel more like a home. Get everyone involved, let one member of the family make the decision every week. Make it interactive. You can make it even more special by ordering out, maybe pizza to make it a real treat. Don't forget the popcorn!

Camping in your own home can be another activity you enjoy as a family. Your children might not still be used to sleeping in their new rooms or you might not even have the beds set up while you're still settling in. Sleeping in your living room with sleeping bags, big fluffy blankets and a few ghost stories can be fun.

The Maryland moving specialists suggest you also visit the neighborhood by picking new areas each week. Create a list as a family of you new favorite places. Try new restaurants, ice cream parlors, parks and so on. By getting familiar with the new, everyone will be more comfortable about their new residence. Plus, a new favorite ice cream place can really reduce anxiety.

Routines are also something else that reduces stress in general. Children know what to expect. Having a bedtime, mealtime and playtime really helps keep things going, especially after disrupting the routine during the move. Once you're settled in your new home, go back to what everyone is used to.

Involve your children in decorating their home, make them a part of the various projects around the house. They can be decision makers, especially when it comes to their rooms or just help out. They can participate in choosing the color they want on their walls, choose bedding, accessories and more. This will help them own the new space they're in.

The most important thing you can do after a move is to have open communication around the house. Make sure you discuss your children's feelings, make them comfortable about speaking out. Ask how they feel about the move, what it means to them to be in a new house and discuss solutions that will make them feel more comfortable.

The Maryland movers hope these tips can help your family with your residential move. The next time you're thinking of packing up and settling in a new neighborhood, don't forget, a professional moving company can make a world of difference!