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Moving Wine Bottles

Moving is not the easiest of things to do. There is a lot of planning involved, actual work and even some getting used to. Once you start packing your personal belongings, you’ll notice you have a lot of stuff. You’ll probably even spend time sorting through your pile and find out there are items you’d like to give away to charity, some you’ll want to sell and some you’ll just throw out.

If you have a vast wine collection, that is something you definitely want to keep. Depending on the size of your wine collection and the actual distance the professional movers you hired will have to drive to get to your new home, there are different ways to go about protect the quality of your wine. It’s a great idea to talk to your movers about how to best handle the situation.

There are some general tips though that can help with transferring the wine bottles safely. According to an article on moving.com, you have to make sure the bottles have enough cushioning so they’re protected against breakage. Try to also position the bottles on their side or even upside down so that the corks inside stay moist. Let your movers know that the moving boxes contain wine by labeling them with “fragile” and “wine bottles.”

If possible, the wine bottles have to avoid being in extreme temperatures. The best temperature for wine would be around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s best to move during the spring or fall and not in the scorching hot summer or freezing winters.

Prevent the wine from going into bottle shock which is what happens to wine when it’s opened too soon after being shaken, making the wine less flavorful.

If you have an extensive collection that’s worth a lot of money, you can appraise it and have it insured. Make sure you have written documents as well as pictures. You can ask your local wine merchant for references.

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