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Moving with Pets – Maryland

According to HealthStatus.com, moving is the third most stressful life event after the death of a loved one and divorce.1 It’s no surprise, it’s an interruption to your normal routine since you’re taking care of important tasks such as hiring our moving company in Maryland to help you relocate, changing your address with different institutions, shopping for a new home security system, and so on. However, if you have a furry friend, you may not realize they’re experiencing as much unease too. Animals tend to react strongly when there’s a sudden change in their environment by having accidents in the home or misbehaving. Don’t worry, our Maryland movers can share easy tips when it comes to moving with pets.


Before Moving to Maryland with Pets

Moving with pets may sound stressful at first, but if done properly, everything can go smoothly. Start preparing for the move to Maryland with your pets by giving their veterinarian a visit. When you’re at the clinic, re-up any prescriptions to last your pet well after the move and double-check with the vet on rabies tag state regulations2 if you’re moving to another state with pets. Also, before you leave the clinic, don’t forget to ask the vet about their recommendations for new vets in your new neighborhood.


After the vet visit, create an overnight kit to maintain some sense of stability on the road if you’re moving long-distance with pets. This kit can include food, toys, grooming tools, cat litter, a pooper scooper, and treats. Showing love to your furry friend on the road can help keep them calm during the trip.


Moving Day with Pets

Now that the day of your move has arrived it’s time to pay extra attention to your four-legged friend’s behavior while making sure they’re comfortable. As our Maryland long-distance movers are loading your furniture and valuables in the moving truck, contact various hotels along the route to see if they’re animal-friendly. Taking a break from the closed-in space of the car can help alleviate any pent up energy your furry friends may have.


For small pets, you can keep them in a kennel to make sure they stay safe in the car. About a week before you move to Maryland, train them to sleep in the kennel and reward them with treats to help them become acclimated to it. You can also drape a quilt or blanket over the kennel during the move to prevent them from getting overexcited about the changing environment.


After Across the Country Moving with Pets

You’ve finally made it to your new home, and you and your pet are most likely tuckered out from the journey. Yet, you must still be attentive to your pet as our Maryland long-distance movers help you get settled in. Assign an area in the new home to keep your pet away from the chaos and to also help them familiarize themselves with the new home. For big dogs, you can let them loose in the yard to keep them from getting injured or lost as they sniff out their favorite spots.


We’ve Got You Covered!

Before you plan your move to Maryland, contact the Maryland movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage to get the job done right. For over twenty years our moving company has helped families and businesses relocate across the country, so you can trust that the pros at our Maryland moving company know what they’re doing. Don’t delay, contact a moving specialist at 410-505-4410 to learn more about the services we offer and get your free moving quote.




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