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Moving to Washington D.C

Several weeks ago, I got a promotion at work and was told that I would have to relocate to Washington D.C. if I accepted it. If I did, I would become Vice President of Marketing Services of the company I worked for. So, the next few days after that, my husband and I discussed it and decided that we were moving to Washington D.C. We knew that it was going to be a big change for the family, but after talking it over with my kids, we all realized that we were up for the challenge. My kids were excited about new schools and new friends, and we promised them we’d find a house that had rooms for each one of them. A couple of weeks passed by and then came the packing. I never realized how much stuff we accumulated as a family over the years. Besides the big pieces like dressers, beds, dining tables, televisions, appliances and computers there were countless boxes filled clothing, shoes, books, important documents, albums, dishes, music cds, movie collection and more and more stuff. As far as finding great movers that can handle the task, my close friend Melanie told me about All My Sons of Maryland. She raved all about their professional service. So I called and asked a few questions and decided to book them for the job. Moving day arrived all too quickly, but our belongings were securely packed and I had boxes scattered around in every move. The All My Sons of Maryland movers showed up on time to our appointment and started working immediately. They were moving fast, picking things up, quilt-wrapping some of my furniture and going in and out of the rooms nonstop to load everything on their moving truck. Hours and hours went by until my entire home was empty. The All My sons of Maryland movers continued then to drive to Washington D.C. to our new home to unload the goods. My family and I followed the in our two cars. Once we arrive to our new quiet neighborhood, my husband and I helped the movers by telling them where our items should be placed. So that the beds, couches, dressers and appliances would already be in the correct rooms and we won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. All My Sons Moving and Storage of Maryland was truly reliable and helpful, the did a great job relocating my family to Washington D.C. This testimonial was by Carol Ann Thompson, Washington D.C.