Rating 4.6

My Maryland Move to Baltimore

I don’t usually do this, I mean write up reviews or testimonials, but I was so happy and impressed with All My Sons Moving and Storage of Maryland that I juts couldn’t resist talking about them. I found them online after doing a lot of searching for a moving company that would help move my personal belongings from my 2-bedroom apartment to my new 3-bedroom place in Baltimore. In between packing my stuff, labeling the boxes, cleaning out my pantry, and so on, I would spend half an hour at a time reading up on moving companies online. That’s when I noticed how important reviews can be. After a few days of searching and comparing moving companies, I felt All My Sons of Maryland would do the best job. Their website boasted about how they were backed by four generations of moving experience and they were family owned. Also, it said that they were licensed and insured which made me feel confident about them. So I went ahead and reserved the All My Sons Maryland movers to help me move.

On the day of the move, the entire Maryland crew showed up on time and got to work immediately. They moved boxes, taped some of them some more, quilt-padded my dressers and some of the more fragile furniture I had. Oh and they also secured some of the paintings and art I had on my walls. They explained that the extra padding would protect my belongings from getting damaged. I even had a piano that they had to move and the Maryland movers did that beautifully. A couple of them got together to make sure that would be transferred onto the truck as smoothly as possible. I was really impressed with how fast and how efficiently they worked. They seemed to know their business inside out and didn’t even need me there to navigate them through the place or anything like that.

Once the truck was loaded the All My Sons Maryland movers proceeded to go to my new 3-bedroom place in Baltimore. I followed them in my car along with my 5 year-old son. When we arrived, they got to work. They asked me to direct them by telling them where I wanted my belonging to be placed. Basically, where do I want this box? Where do I want that dresser? Where do I want the piano? And so on. The move went really smoothly, I couldn’t believe it. I’m so glad I found All My Sons of Maryland online and I’m so glad to be writing this review about them. Anyone who lives around Maryland and its surrounding areas should definitely pick All My Sons Moving and Storage of Maryland to be the moving company they hire.

This testimonial was by Vanessa Gardiner, Baltimore, MD