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Moving Tips for New Homeowners

Moving is always stressful, but it’s more overwhelming when you do it right after all the research, leg work, negotiations and actual purchase of a new home. Buying a home, either for the first time or second and third time, is always a lot of work. And when you’re done with that you have to go onto the next project: Moving. All My Sons of Maryland is here with a few good tips in terms of how to find that professional moving company that’ll make your life a little easier, or at least until it’s time to open up all those moving boxes and start getting organized and settled.

The Maryland movers suggest you do the research just like you did when you wanted to find that perfect dream home to purchase. Get recommendations, ask around, call a few places, basically do the leg work once again. You can always ask the realtor you dealt with to buy your home if she can refer you to a reliable and respectable moving company that delivers in the area.

Once you think you found a few potential moving companies you might want to work with, verify their credentials. Make sure they actually have real offices and don’t exist just online. Ask around if anyone has heard of them or worked with them in the past. Check if they belong to any moving-industry related organization or other. You can also look for testimonials or reviews online.

If you feel comfortable with the moving company’s credentials, it’s time to ask for estimates. You shouldn’t pay for those. All My Sons of Maryland offers them for free, even online. You can ask for an in-home estimate or get one over the phone, whatever you’re more comfortable with. Watch out for hidden fees. Ask the movers how they charge. Is it based on distance? Is it based on weight? By number of movers? Or hours the move takes. This is all information you can arm yourself with and do even more research if you choose to. You’ll be prepared when you compare pricing.

Always know the rules and regulations your company is working with. That way you’ll know what kind of licensing they offer or insurance and so on.

If the moving company you’ve hired charges by weight, make sure to reduce the load before you get your estimate. This way you’ll be charge for things you will actually use in your new home. Don’t waste money transporting and moving things like old clothes that don’t fit anymore, old toys your kids don’t play with, damaged furniture, broken appliances and so on. Make sure you take with you the things that you use often. With the rest of the load you can always give it away to charity or have a garage sale to help pay for your move.

If you’ll be moving in the Maryland area, including Baltimore, Potomac, McLean, Rockville and Washington D.C, don’t forget to call the Maryland movers for a hassle-free move with professional movers who have countless years of experience under their belt.