Rating 4.6

Thanks To Understanding Movers

My sister was moving in with me after being laid off and not being able to pay her rent. She couldn’t find work in the next few months of being laid off because the economy is not in the best of places right now. She’s still young and doesn’t have too much experience in her field so even the few opportunities that are out there are being given to people with more experience. Anyhow, my husband and I decided to take her in until she can get back onto her feet. So we offered her the option of moving in with us. We have a third bedroom that we mostly use as an office, but there’s a comfortable futon she can use to sleep in and the rest of the house would all be hers. So she decide to take us up on our offer and told her landlord about the situation. He was pretty understanding and know she was having trouble paying the rent in full and on time. Anyhow, she had a lot of stuff to move so we called the Maryland movers for some extra help. I packed with her during the week and we gave a lot of stuff out, just to reduce the load. She was going to bring some of her personal things with her to my home and keep some stuff like furniture at my mom’s place and in storage. Just for a few months until she can get back on her feet. The Maryland movers were really helpful in understanding the situation and helped us move really fast. They had to deliver the goods to a few different places, but still managed to do everything professional and on time. They were really a good help. It’s nice to work with reliable movers. We usually don’t hear about the good movers only the ones that aren’t reliable. But there out there. And All My Sons of Maryland is a great example. They showed up on time, were very careful with my sister’s things, and wore a smile throughout the move. It wasn’t an easy day for any us, and not just because of the obvious hard work that goes into a move, before and after you are settled. This was also hard because of the situation. But working with a reputable moving company made the day better. And the move finished on an even higher note when the Maryland movers promised to help us out when my sister was going to move into her own big mansion one day. This testimonial was by Danielle C., Maryland.