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Moving Scams Exposed From Maryland Local Movers

All My Sons Moving and Storage of Maryland is here to help you avoid moving scams by exposing some of them. Of course, the best way to not get into a bad situation with unprofessional moving companies is to hire a reliable and reputable one like All My Sons of Maryland. We are licensed and insured, we are family-owned and are backed by four generations of moving experience. Most importantly, we have a great reputation to maintain.

Some of the moving scams work this way. A moving company that you reach out to will give you a low bid and promise that they are very professional. (This type of rogue mover will usually give you a much lower bid than the other estimates you’ve gotten). But once they show up on your doorstep and start loading your personal belongings, it’s a whole other story. Once every one of your possessions is on their truck, they ask for more money. At that point, your stuff is being held hostage in a way and you feel compelled to pay up to get your stuff back. If you don’t pay the higher fee, the moving comnpany will decide to put your stuff in storage and that can end up costing you a lot more. And you can bet, they won’t be too careful with your belongings at that point.

 Also, what happens sometimes, is that you deal with a broker without knowing it instead of a moving company. The broker agrees on a price with you over the phone, (usually low) but when the moving company shows up at your place to help you move, you realize that it’s not the same company you first dealt with. And in most cases, the mover charges you a higher price.

In other moving scam cases, additional clauses are added to the contract between an individual and a moving company after it was signed.

The best way to avoid all of these unnecessary stresses is to do your homework when it comes to finding a reputable company. Ask your friends and family for leads and you can also ask the moving company in mind for references. Make sure they have a brick-and-mortar type of office too and are not just represented online. That sometimes can be a red flag. If you’re moving in and around Maryland including Washington D.C., Baltimore, Potomac, McLean and Annapolis, give All My Sons of Maryland a call, you’ll be delighted with our professional moving services.