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Your Maryland Move in Bad Weather

If you live in Maryland, you understand that the weather can be unpredictable. Whether snow, rain, sleet, ice, or wind, Mother Nature has a mind of her own. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Maryland, we want you to be prepared for any weather that may come your way on moving day.

Tips for Moving in Bad Weather

Your move will probably take place rain or shine, except for cases of extreme weather. So normal rain, snow, sleet or wind may not call for rescheduling your moving day. A move in bad weather has some added challenges, but if you follow these tips from our Maryland movers, it just might make your moving day a little bit easier to handle.

Keep in touch with your Maryland moving company. You will want to be in communication with them in case the weather shifts and plans must be changed. 

Be prepared. The weather can change quickly, so you should be prepared for a move in bad weather, be it a sudden rain storm or a pickup in the wind. Consider developing a backup date in case a Nor’easter or severe thunderstorm make it impossible to move when originally planned.

Keep your items dry. Loading a moving truck in rain or snow is no fun for anyone, and while it is impossible not to get at least a little wet when moving in rain, there are some things you can do to help keep your items dry. Have packing wrap, garbage bags, tarps, and extra towels ready. Pack items that should not get wet like electronics, wood, or leather in plastic containers that will keep the moisture out.

Careful how you stack. It is natural for wet footprints to get on the floor of the truck. Put waterproof containers on the bottom to avoid getting soggy boxes. If you already have a soggy box, wrap it before stacking it to prevent the items below from getting wet. If you are looking for Maryland commercial movers, it will become especially important to wrap your computers carefully.

A tent in between the truck and the front door can be helpful when loading a moving truck in rain. It is important to note that in cases of high wind, a tent may just become an added danger.

Focus on timing. If the rain or snow starts to slow down or stop, use that time to transport the items that should not get wet.

Safety first. A move in bad weather has added hazards. Put down tarp, floor mats, or towels by the front door so people are able to wipe their feet to keep from slipping. Stop if the wind becomes too strong or lightning strikes.

A Winter Move

Moving in winter can be especially difficult. Moving in snow and dealing with ice can slow down your move substantially and also make the process more dangerous. If you are planning a move in the winter, have salt and your snow shovel ready. You will need a clear salted path from your doorway to where the moving truck is parked. Instead of trying to navigate your car or vehicle to your new home through the dangerous winter roads, allow our Maryland auto movers to take care of your vehicle’s relocation.  

If you are planning a move, don’t trust the weather forecast. Always plan ahead in case you are faced with a move in bad weather. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Maryland, we are here to help you move come rain, snow, wind, or shine.