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Tis the Season: Moving During the Holiday Season


Christmas cookies, family feasts, cheerful decorations, and moving boxes. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Maryland, we want to make your holiday move as easy as pumpkin pie.


Planning Ahead For a Move During the Holiday Season

Plan ahead! The holidays are stressful; you do not want to throw a move on top of it without the proper planning. Here are tips from our Maryland movers to make your holiday move that much easier.

The first part of the planning process should be setting a budget. The holidays are an expensive time of year. You may have to cut back on your holiday budget in order to accommodate your moving expenses.

The second big part of your plan has to do with the unpredictable winter weather. No one likes driving in the snow, let alone moving in it. You will need to have a Plan B in case the weather hinders your original plan for your move during the holiday season.

If you are moving on a holiday or the days immediately surrounding a holiday, keep in mind that many places like grocery stores and restaurants may have different business hours than normal or be closed altogether. Plan for these closures with meal prep or the appropriate take-out menus.

Hire full-service movers. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial movers in Maryland, a full-service moving company will be able to take a good bit of the weight off of your shoulders for your holiday move. If you want to buy packing supplies in Maryland, a full-service mover can help. Even better, look for a mover with professional packing services in Maryland. Hiring someone to do the packing for you will save you time and help make your move less stressful. You may even want to look for auto movers in Maryland to ship your car to its new location to avoid the possibility of having to drive in the snow.


How to Celebrate While Moving During the Holiday Season

Being in an empty house or rooms filled with brown boxes can be depressing, but it doesn’t have to be. You can still celebrate while moving during the holiday season!

Because your home is in limbo, go out to celebrate. Most neighborhoods have holiday events. Visit your favorites before leaving or use this as an opportunity to explore your new area. If all else fails, drive around to look at holiday lights and blast some holiday tunes.

Although it can be stressful, do your best to still have some family traditions especially if you have young children. You just may have to alter them a bit to make your life easier. 

After unpacking the necessities, pull out the decorations next. You can stick to the ones that are easiest to set up, but just have something out. If your move is immediately following the holidays, pack those easy-to-set-up decorations last. Finally, get creative and lets the kids decorate the boxes or your car if you have a long drive ahead. 

Moving during the holidays may not be easy, but All My Sons Moving and Storage Maryland will do our best to make your move a little more cheerful. If you are looking for packing supplies or packing services in Maryland as well as auto movers in Maryland, let us help you.