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How To Pack Your Fragile Belongings Before A Move

Moving from one home to another is a stressful and emotional time anyway. Don’t leave yourself open to the disappointment and sense of loss that comes when your cherished heirlooms or fragile décor gets damaged or lost during the move. While carefully wrapping up your treasured possessions may take a lot of time, it will be well worth it once you lovingly set your wedding china into place in your new home. Take some important advice regarding packing your most breakable possessions.

Before you do anything else, gather all of the supplies that you’ll need for packing. Most, if not all, of these supplies are available from Maryland Movers. Fragile items will require plenty of tape and bubble wrap. You will also want to have some packing Styrofoam and stretching plastic wrap. Gather together boxes for transporting photographs and paintings, along with other sturdy specialized boxes. Don’t forget to purchase several good quality black markers for labeling boxes once your possessions are packaged. You want all information about fragile items to be easily and clearly seen. Red ‘fragile’ tape can be purchased from the movers. You may also want to have some packaging supplies such as newsprint or the packaging used by stores to protect fragile fruits or vegetables.

Next, turn your attention to the boxes. You want to secure the bottom of the box, taping any loose flaps or open areas. For fragile items, you want to choose boxes that are a smaller, snug fit. Larger boxes allow the packed items to shift around and your items will be more vulnerable to chipping and other damage. Prepare the box with bubble wrap by lining the bottom and the edges of the box with the wrap.

Individual items are the next thing to wrap. You can choose to use more bubble wrap or use unprinted newsprint. If you have several items that you want to keep together, you can use the stretching plastic wrap to group them. Larger heavier items go on the bottom of the box and smaller, lighter items can be carefully stacked on top. Over packing boxes can lead to broken items. Once you have filled the box as you desire, fill the rest of the open space with your packing Styrofoam. Finally, tape up the box and mark it well. Some Maryland Movers have red tape which is used specifically to indicate fragile items. When movers see the red tape, they will hold those boxes back until the end. 

One final bit of advice is to transport your most fragile belongings in your own car, so that you can adjust the speed of your car to any bumps in the road. While the professional Maryland Movers will do their best to protect your belongings, they will still be traveling in a large moving truck with the shocks and struts of a large vehicle. Some jostling and movement is inevitable.

The time you take to carefully package your fragile belongings can prevent any mishaps that will make your move more difficult. The extra planning that you take will make the process go more quickly and will provide a higher level of safety for your possessions. Once you get to your new home, you will appreciate the care that you took to protect those items that hold special meaning for you.