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Home Prices Rise Again

The local Maryland movers found out home prices just had the biggest percentage gain in over two years this third quarter. The 3.6% rise from 2011 is over three times the increase in the previous quarter and the biggest jump in home prices since 2010. Even that increase in 2010 was temporary due to the homebuyer's tax credit. Experts say the latest good bit of news in the real estate market is due to the ongoing record low mortgage rates we've been seeing, the improving economy thanks to a lower unemployment rate and less foreclosures listings. In fact, the local Maryland moving specialists learned foreclosures are at a five year low, reducing the inventory of the distressed properties on the market.
 The All My Sons of Maryland learned we've had six months of consistently rising house prices, with real estate recovering in many cities. Only two of the 20 cities tracked by the Case-Schiller index show modest price declines. The local Maryland movers learned Phoenix had the biggest rise which is not surprising because it was also one of the hardest hit cities when the housing bubble burst. All My Sons of Maryland found out this September, housing prices in Phoenix were 20.4% higher than last year during the same time period. Home prices are now back to where they were in 2003 before the housing bubble inflated the prices which lead to the burst. As it is now, home prices are down 28.6% from their peak levels of 2006.
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