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Should You Buy A Home With A Partner

You're involved in a serious relationship and you're unsure whether buying a house together is a good idea or not. There are a couple of things worth looking at before taking the big step and purchasing a property together. Sometimes people are committed to one another but simply don't believe in planning an expensive party or some simply don't believe in marriage. If you and your partner know that you are in it for the long haul, then buying a property together doesn't have too many downfalls, according to CNN.com. Owning a house together can have advantages, such as lowering both of your taxes for one.

Sometimes, we find our dream home but not our dream partner. It's important to make sure that you know what you're getting involved in before buying a house with your partner. A safe way to make a purchase is through buying the property as Tenants in Common. This is especially helpful if you and your partner decide to call it quits. It's easier when it comes time to sell the house. You can look at this purchase as an investment in case the relationship fails.

Let's say you have a wonderful relationship and one of you has the money to buy the house and the other has the skills to maintain and repair the property. What should you do? Is it worth it to make the purchase? In this type of scenario, it's very important to have everything in writing. If things go south, and you end up in court, you need to show written proof of what percentage you own and the same for your partner. A broken heart won't be enough for the judge to lean in your favor. So, be smart and make sure you have some signed documents to protect yourself and your capital.

You decide to buy the property with your partner and things at first couldn't be better. You quickly realize that your relationship isn't what you'd hoped for and you and your partner decide to break-up. There's no need to panic here for the purchase you both made together. Splits happen to the best of us, so if you and your partner made the purchase as Tenants in Common then someone can take a decision for you both and the property can be sold.

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