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Carpet in Your New Home?

Did you just move into a new home where you have carpet? Have you never had carpet before? There are a few tips that can really help keep maintain your carpet as the months and years go by. The Maryland local movers suggest you vacuum at least once a week to get rid of the dirt that’s trapped in there. When you vacuum, go with the direction of the grain to remove dirt on the surface. For a deeper, more embedded particles of dirt, go against it. Move your furniture around a little to help prevent carpet wear and keep the high traffic area from getting dirtier than other spots.

If you want to attempt to do a deep clean for your carpet by yourself instead of hiring professionals, make sure you’re careful with the steam cleaner machines. If you don’t remove the water, the carpet can grow mold and mildew. Carpet in general shouldn’t take more than a full day to dry.

You can always hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your place and make it look brand new. Just make sure to check their reputation. Ask if they can give you an estimate free of charge, if they are backing the job and you can even ask for references. Do the same research and homework just like you were going to hire professional movers. When the Maryland movers are booked for a job we plan on answering questions. We have all the details of our local moving company up on our website, for everyone to see. We are licensed, insured and have a reputation to keep. We expect our customers to take an interest in what we do and ask questions before they sign the moving contract.

As far as specific dirt on your carpet, there are plenty of neat tricks to get rid of them. For example, if you have candle wax stuck on your carpet, use a plastic card, like an old credit card and lift the build-up as much as possible. You then can place a brown bag on top of what’s left, and iron it. The wax should melt onto the brown bag. The All My Sons of Maryland movers remind you to not leave the iron unattended and don’t leave it on the area more than 10 seconds so that the carpet doesn’t get distorted.