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Establishing a Positive Relationship with Your Realtor

Before you can hire Maryland movers to get you all set up and settled in your new home, you first have to find a home to move in to. Turning to a realtor is one of the best ways to find your dream home as quickly as possible for a good price. Before you agree to work with any realtor, you’ll first want to learn how to establish a good working relationship with them.

Realize That Realtors Get Paid On Commission

You’re probably already perfectly aware that realtors get paid on commission. What this means for you is that you should only employ the services of a realtor if you are serious about becoming a homeowner, otherwise you’re just wasting time that they could spend on clients who are actually committed to buying a home. Agents can put in hundreds of hours breaking down the buying process to their clients, meeting with clients and showing homes. Imagine putting in so much effort only to have a client tell their realtor that they’ve changed their mind about buying a home.

Only Work With One Realtor

You are in no way forced to work with one realtor, but it’s only fair that you let your agent know if you are working with another realtor or real estate agent. It’s in bad taste to contact two different realtors who work in the same real estate company or allow more than one agent to show you a home. The main reason for this is that the realtors don’t want to split the commission.


Let Your Realtor Know Exactly What You Want

Before your realtor even shows you your first listing you should be completely honest with the level of service that you expect. For instance, would you rather they call or email you to get in touch with you? Will you need door-to-door transportation? Would you rather see several homes all at once or space out viewings to one or two a day? Just as your realtor needs as much information as possible in order that they may find the perfect home for you, you have to give them just as much information so that they have a fair chance to be the best realtor for you as they can be.  

Read Over Your Agreement

Make sure that you read over your entire buyer’s/broker agreement so that you understand the relationship between you and your realtor. This agreement will detail the fees and terms associated with real estate transactions. Specifically, you’ll want to look to see if the agreement is exclusive or non-exclusive. You should also see if there is an “out” option in the event that you are unsatisfied with your realtor’s services. If you aren’t willing to fully commit to the agreement, then you shouldn’t allow the realtor to show you any homes.

Sidestep Confusion With Listing Agents

Usually, you’ll attend an Open House with your realtor so that they can show you the house and ask the listing agent any questions that you might have. If you decide to go to an Open House without your agent, make it clear to the listing agent that you already have an agent so that there isn’t any confusion.

Just as there are things that you can do to strengthen your working relationship with Maryland movers, the same applies to your realtor.