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Large Bathrooms Are Popular

The local Maryland moving specialists learned that American bathrooms have been becoming larger for the past three decades. Today’s bathroom is twice as big as the one of the 70s. In some homes, mansions really, the bathrooms can be larger than an entire house in another country. More people are placing the shower and bathtubs in a separate area around the house, making room for all types of accessories and even entertainment like flat screen TVs, sound systems and fancy chairs.

The purpose and look of certain rooms around the house change when the family dynamics change. The bedroom took place in the late 1800s. Prior to that , only wealthy colonials had a separate space to sleep in. These days, there are multiple bedrooms for the multiple members of the family. Around the same time period, the bourgeois homes didn’t have the kitchen as the focal point of a home, like today. That room was not to be seen by visitors and was part of the space used by servants.

The combination of the 21st century kitchen/living room/entryway represents today's time constraints and multitasking of families. Everything is compressed into one space, with no particular activity of high importance like the family meal. Going back to the bathroom, this space today is seen as a place to relax and take a breather. It’s virtually the only space in a household where someone can retreat and have some privacy. When you have kids, sometimes even the bedroom is not off limits anymore. The living room has turned into a space for playtime, the kitchen has turned into where the kids do their homework and many other areas have been claimed by the children.

In today’s bathroom, people are reading, talking on the phone, partaking in grooming rituals and enjoy some me-time away from the noise of everyday life. The American Standard Bathroom Habits Survey asked people in 2008 how they make use of the bathroom. The answers include much more than taking care of business, including multitasking with 88% saying they use at least one electronic device. 19% listen to iPods and music, 15% talk on the phone and 3% watch television. 58% of people with children take longer showers than those who don’t. 1 in 4 Americans spend more than an hour a day in the bathroom.

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