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A Good Kitchen According to Realtors

Surely when looking to buy a house, you're spending extra time in the kitchen area during the open house visits. The kitchen has always been the center of a home, the gathering place, probably the room families spend the most time in. The kitchen is not just for storing dishes and food or cooking, it's a room where conversations flow, friends drop by, kids do their homework and in many homes, it's the place for dinnertime.

According to realtors, homebuilder, even architects, the kitchen has to be functional. It's best when it has an open floor plan, plenty of electrical outlets not only for major appliances like a refrigerator or a stove but also for cellphone chargers, small flat screen televisions or MP3 players. An open floor plan allows you to have an island which is great help for food preparation but also acts as a decorative element in the room. Kitchen islands are really a big sellers in the real estate market.

When looking at appliances, think functional. Stainless steel is always attractive as well as black appliances. Items like refrigerators with French doors or certain types of dishwashers can be very big and cumbersome, so you have to make sure you have space.

Saving energy is another big selling point. Kitchen appliances should be Energy Star rated so as to keep utility bills on the lower side. When potential homebuyers seriously consider putting an offer on a home they typically consider factors that will influence their monthly payments, such as utilities and maintenance of a home. Natural light, windows and a door to a yard or patio area are also very important. The kitchen becomes even more saleable when those windows are heat-reflected so they work together with the weather....keeping hot or cold air in when needed. For some homebuyers, green products around the house are important, such as bamboo floors.

According to many types of professionals in real estate, practicality is another thing homebuyers look for. For example, granite and quartz countertops are great because they're easy to clean and look good, making a good impression. Laminate counters aren't as good as a selling point, especially if they're paired up with linoleum floors.

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