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Happier In Your Home In 2013

A home is much more than a piece of real estate. Sure some people buy homes as investments, but for the most part a home is where memories are created, love is shared and delicious meals are served during the holidays. The past several years have been rough for the real estate industry, plagued by foreclosures, short slaes, high renting prices and devalued homes. But 2013 is a new year and you should make the best of it. The local Maryland moving specialists say let's celebrate new beginnings. So how do you increase your happiness at home? How do you make it the place you retreat to no matter what? The All My Sons of Maryland say start by giving it a good old cleaning. Remove clutter, donate the things you don't want and freshen up every room. The local Maryland movers remind you to look through your closets. Sort through clothing, linens, towels and shoes.

Redesign some of your spaces around the house. It doesn't have to be a huge or expensive project. Think adding a mantel, buying new night tables or even decorating your coffee table with photography books. These little changes can really make a difference. You might want to check out a flea market or a design show to score some ideas or items on the cheap. Being happier at home means you're enjoying your space more and spending more time in various rooms around the house. To make each room more to your liking, the local Maryland movers suggest you define the purpose of each one. By knowing exactly what your living room is for and what your bedroom is for, you'll know more about how to design each one. For example, if you view your bedroom just for sleeping than you should try calming colors on your walls, removing your television, adding custom blinds that can really shade the sun rays' in the morning, even add new books. By not having every room be a multipurpose room, you'll alos be able to spend more time in each one of them separately.

The local Maryland movers suggest revamping your front door. A tiny makeover including a new color or even shape can really change the look of your place and certainly its impression. Consider adding potted plants, adding a welcome mat, even changing your address sign or door knocker. Refreshing your bathroom can make a difference too. Add a little tray with some of your favorite products, add a bowl of potpourri and replace your unmatched towels for coordinating patterns. These little changes can really go a long way, making you feel happier in your own home. Your space will be more inviting and you'll feel like entertaining more often. By having more people over your house and share great conversation and delicious meals, your space will feel more like a home.